The Louis and Beatrice Laufer Center is a hub for research in Physical and Quantitative Biology at Stony Brook University. We aim to advance biology and medicine through discoveries in physics, mathematics and computational science. See our Laufer Center video.

Our research is diverse.  Laufer Center researchers insert gene circuits into cells and study noise.  We insert barcodes to study evolution, cell-by-cell.  Some of us use computational modeling to understand how proteins fold and how proteins bind to proteins and design drugs for high-affinity binding to proteins.  We explore how protein motions cause biological mechanisms and how proteins aggregate in neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.  And, some of us use computers to design vaccines.

Laufer Center researchers come from a broad community including Stony Brook departments of chemistry, physics, applied mathematics and statistics, computer science, molecular genetics and microbiology as well as Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

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