Printing service


The center has a Lexmark CX820 color printer. Please go here to download the appropriate driver for your computer and install it to be able to use the printer. Please contact Feng Zhang to get the IP address of the printer. The priner is only alowed to be accessed in our building.


The printer is by default set to print in monochrome mode to save toners. If you want to print in color, you need to select the color mode when you use apps (such as WORD, Adobe Reader, web browsers, etc.) to print on your computer.




There are Wi-Fi and cable connection services provided in our center. For the Wi-Fi connection, you are advised to use the WolfieNet-Secure, which needs your Net ID. For visitors, please use WolfieNet-Guest or eduroam.


There are also network ports under each desk mounted on the walls. These ports only support dynamic IPs (DHCP) managed by DOIT of the university. You can also find more IT related information there too.


For SBU users, if there's any issue on the network connection, please submit a service ticket here. You need to use your Net ID and password to login first. For visitor, please contact Feng Zhang if you have any issue.


HPC cluster


Our center has a GPU computing cluster with 112 Nvidia Tesla M2050 GPUs. The university also has 2 clusters too, the information can be found here.