In Loving Memory
of Louis and Beatrice Laufer

photo of Louis and Beatrice Laufer

The Laufer Center for Physical and Quantitative Biology was established in 2008 in loving memory of Louis and Beatrice Laufer by their children, Helen Laufer Kaplan and Howard Kaplan, Jeffrey and Barbara Laufer, and Henry and Marsha Laufer.

Initiated with a major philanthropic gift, the Center supports three endowed professorships. The Center aims to play a central role in the Stony Brook Collaborative Research Alliance (Stony Brook University, Brookhaven National Laboratory, and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory). The Laufer Center began operation on October 1, 2010, with Ken A. Dill as Director and Carlos Simmerling as Associate Director. On May 7, 2012, the Center celebrated the official dedication of its newly remodeled building, close to the Life Sciences Center on the Stony Brook University campus.

The Center’s core and affiliated faculty include research groups in chemistry, physics, applied mathematics and statistics, biomedical engineering, computer science, microbiology and immunology, ecology and evolution, and pharmacological sciences at Stony Brook, as well as Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.  The Center brings physics, math, and computation to bear on solving challenging problems in biology and medicine. Computers are used to discover new medicines and to decipher the human genome. Physics is the basis for powerful technologies and principles for understanding how healthy biological cells work and how diseased cells fail.

In addition to performing research, the Laufer Center trains PhD students, mentors postdoctoral researchers, and hosts regular scientific seminars from distinguished outside scientists.