Simm lab visit to the Innovation Vhub

Vhub 3.jpg
Vhub 4.jpg
Vhub 5.jpg
Vhub 6.jpg

Simulating water on a hot summer day

Sailing16 carlos capt.jpg
Sailing16 1.jpg
Sailing16 3.jpg
Sailing16 4.jpg
Sailing16 6.jpg
Sailing16 7.jpg
Sailing16 2.jpg
Sailing16 5.jpg

The most awesome garage ever

Kevin gb4.jpg
Kevin gb3.jpg
Kevin gb1.jpg

Hanging out with Kevin before he leaves for Schrödinger.

Computer Build-a-thon

Kenneth GPU lesson.jpg

Kenneth Lam providing a lesson on building computers.

Group pic buildathon.jpg
Tony and Vic build.jpg
Machine example.jpg

More computing power For the Simmerling lab. 5 nodes with 4 GTX 1080s per node.