Spring 2017

CHE 134: General Chemistry Laboratory II

This course is designed to familiarize students with (1) some chemical and physical properties of substances, (2) techniques of quantitative chemistry, and (3) scientific methodology. It involves four hours of laboratory and discussion per week.

Fall 2016

CHE 129: General Chemistry IA

The General Chemistry Courses provide a broad introduction to the fundamental principles of chemistry, including substantial illustrative material drawn from the chemistry of inorganic, organic, and biochemical systems. The emphasis is on basic concepts, problem-solving, and factual material. The level and content of CHE 129 match that of CHE 131, but since the corequisite differs, students must also attend a CHE 130 session each week. CHE 130 builds essential skills in information processing, critical and analytical thinking, quantitative reasoning, and problem solving. The course has three lecture hours, one 80-minute workshop, and one CHE 130 session per week.

Spring 2016

CHE 385: Tools of Chemistry

A seminar course covering topics common to all areas of chemistry: scientific ethics, chemical literature and information retrieval, scientific writing, and oral presentation.

Past Course Offerings:

    • General Chemistry
    • General Chemistry Lab
    • Honors General Chemistry Lab
    • Physical Chemistry
    • Physical Chemistry for Life Sciences
    • Theoretical Chemistry
    • Computational Structural Biology
    • Advanced Structural Biology
    • Principles of Pharmacology
    • Modern Drug Discovery
    • Introductory Synthetic and Spectroscopic Laboratory Techniques