Center Facilities

Laufer Center is a 10,000 square feet facility with space for five research labs and more than forty students, junior fellows and postdocs.

The Center is designed around an open floor plan with spaces specially designed for collaboration: an informal conference space with a multicomputer video display in the central kitchen/lounge space, a lecture theater, and three meeting rooms.

The lecture theater features a state-of-the art video conferencing system. A second, mobile, HD video conferencing system serves the meeting rooms, lounge and offices. 

Computational Resources

In addition to Mac, PC and Unix workstations, we share access to a cluster of 688 Intel Xenon CPU cores and 112 Nvidia Tesla GPUs, with a 40 TB NFS and 113 TB Lustre storage system.

Shared by the Dill lab:

  • Cluster of 40 HP SL390s servers with 480 Intel Xeon X5675 CPU cores and 112 NVIDIA Tesla M2050 GPUs
  • HP storage Work x9300 disk array with 30 TB capacity
  • HP DL180 with 7 TB capacity
  • 800,000 SUs allocation on NCSA's Forge/Keenland GPUs
  • ALCC award for 2 million SU in the TITAN computer at Oak Ridge National laboratory

Shared by the MacCarthy lab:

  • 192 Intel Xeon CPU E5-2665 cores (one with 128GB RAM, the others with 32GB RAM)

Shared by the Simmerling lab:

  • Cluster (~50 cores) for system setup, testing and data analysis, as well as several Macintosh and PC computers for word processing and Unix workstations.
  • Data storage is handled by a 20 TB Poweredge 2600 RAID system.
  • NSF Teragrid allocations
    • ~10 million SUs on the Cray XT5 at the National Institute for Computational Sciences
    • 2.5 million SU on the IBM Blue Gene at Brookhaven National Laboratory

Shared by Stony Brook University:

  • SeaWulf Cluster: 240 Teraflops composed of 164 compute nodes, each with two Intel Xeon E5-2683v3 CPUs
  • LI-red Cluster: 100 Teraflops composed of 100 compute nodes, each with two Intel Xeon E5-2690v3 CPUs
  • ( More information about SeaWulf and LI-red Cluster )
  • BLUE GENE at Brookhaven National Laboratory
    • New York Blue 18-rack IBM Blue Gene/L massively parallel supercomputer with36,864 processors

The day we moved the computers to our new digs