Gabor Balazsi thanked by students in 2023 CELT Thank-a-Teacher initiative 

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Laufer Center Researchers awarded Biomedical Sciences Innovation Funds from Stony Brook University

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Sarah Gunasekera, URECA Researcher of the Month (and 2023 Barry Goldwater Scholarship)

Rethinking the Protein Inhibitor Approach to Cancer Therapy

The role of theory in cell biology

Yiming Wan is awarded the 2023 President's Award to Distinguished Doctoral Student

Good Chemistry: Recent Grad Begins a Career in Science

Biology's unsolved chicken-or-egg problem: Where did life come from?

Good Chemistry: Recent Grad Begins a Career in Science

Ivet Bahar Named Director of Laufer Center for Physical and Quantitative Biology


Computer Simulations of Proteins Help Unravel Why Chemotherapy Resistance Occurs

Targeting "Cell Clustering" by Gene Deletion Reduces Drug Resistance

Successful NIH R35 award renewal for Dr. Gabor Balazsi

Carlos Simmerling: For the Love of Chemistry


RM1 Symposium & EAC Meeting

Accidental BNL find now key building block for two COVID-19 vaccines

Meet Eric Brouzes a finalist for the 2021 Discovery Prize


Laufer Center projects allocated time on Frontera super computer

Carlos Simmerling's STEM video on Using Computer Simulations To Model The Sars-Cov-2 Spike Glycoprotein And Block Covid-19 Infection

Carlos Simmerling wins the 2020 Gordon Bell Special Prize (the "Nobel Prize" of Supercomputing)

Carlos Simmerling recipient of two RCSA's COVID-19 initiative awards

Podcast with Gabor Balazsi on Cancer-Controlling Gene Circuits: Update on Cancer Cure Research

Laufer Center Leverages Computing to Fight Coronavirus

Computer Models That Could Speed Coronavirus Drugs

Low-Carb Diet Could Boost Brain Health, Study Finds

SBU Team Awarded $4.2 Million Grant to Fight Prostate Cancer


Study Shows Evolution Turns Genes Back On to Regain Function

Study Sheds Light on Age-Related Neurodegenerative Disease

New assistant professor examines drug resistance through physics and biology

Research Suggests New Ways of Overcoming Resistance to Chemotherapy Drugs

University Launches Cutting-Edge Institute for AI-Driven Discovery and Innovation

Ken Dill awarded the 2019 Raymond and Beverly Sackler International Prize in Biophysics

Luca Agozzino and Evan Philip: Student Success Stories

Markus Seeliger studies cellular switch binding

Steven Skiena uses AI to find faculty


Ken Dill Awarded Max Delbruck Prize

Synthetic “Gene Thermometers” Show How Cells Endure Heat or Cold

Festschrift Issue of The Journal of Physical Chemistry B for Ken


Life’s First Molecule Was Protein, Not RNA, New Model Suggests

Kellon Belfon Finds His Way from Grenada to Prestigious Fellowship

Modeling Protein Interactions Critical to Understanding Disease now Simplified With Computer Server


Ken Dill explains his research

Physics Discovery Could Improve Solar Cells

Is the notion of a cure for cancer too simplistic?

High-Speed Protein Modeling Could Accelerate Drug Development

Study Reveals Proteins Most Associated With Aging


New Technology Tracks Cell Lineage To Watch Evolution at Work

Dill & Balazsi, Honored at SBU event



Discovery of Compound May Open New Road to Diabetes Treatment

Two SBU Professors Elected into American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Laufer Center researchers look into new ways of exploring evolution


Stony Brook Researchers Receive $3.8 Million NIH Grant to Develop Drugs for Pain, Inflammation

Laufer Center Researchers Find Surprising Similarities Between Genetic and Computer Codes


Laufer Center Researchers Look Back on Scientific Advances Made as a Result of a 50-Year Old Puzzle

LC Postdoc Alberto Perez is September Stony Brook Postdoc-of-the-Month

Form, Function and Folding: In collaboration with LC Lab, a team of scientists move toward rational design of artificial proteins

Titan Supercomputer Hours Awarded to Collaborative Protein Project

Study Finds Parasitic Plants Steal Nutrients and Genes from Their Hosts

Opening of the Laufer Center for Physical and Quantitative Biology

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Reaping Knowledge from a Deluge of Data

Department of Energy Funds a Knowledgebase of Plant and Microbial Life